Assistant to the stylist on photoshoot

Whilst working for Look magazine, I had the pleasure of assisting Emma Chandler, stylist on a photoshoot, some of the images were used in LOOK magazine, for example this one. On the shoot, photography by Helen McArdle, I assisted the stylist with dressing the model Fleur and assisting with the organisation of the clothes.


Intern at LOOK magazine

Most recently (May 2018) I interned at LOOK magazine for a couple of weeks. My experience was brilliant, I was based in the fashion cupboard and carried out duties including, returns of clothing, accessories and shoes. This I also carried out when asked to help at Woman & Home. I was responsible for emails, telephone calls... Continue Reading →

Films every Fashionista should see

Demur magazine December 2017 issue. My article: Films every fashionista should see... As you may have noticed we are definitely in the Winter season right now. The cold nights on the sofa are always made perfect with a warm drink and an enchanting movie to watch. We have compiled a list of films every fashionista... Continue Reading →

Women in the Creative Arts

My article For Demur magazine March 2018 issue. Did you know the gender pay gap is wider in the creative arts than any other industry? Women in the creative arts should be just as celebrated than men, and just as noticed as any other industry. The reality is, female writers, artists, musicians, directors and many... Continue Reading →

Fashion Week- The Verdict

This is my article on my verdict on Fashion Week from last months (April 2018) Demur magazine... Fashion week, what’s it all about? Well here’s our verdict. The purpose of fashion week has always been an avenue to allow designers to, show their clothes to buyers and stores, to present journalists with an article for people’s... Continue Reading →

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